Walking Aids 

A range of Walking Aids for Wellington, Waikanae, Kapiti, Paraparaumu and Otaki.


Walker and Wheeler combined, this is a very strong and elegant all-rounder with large seat and removable shopping bag that can be walked behind or pushed with the rider resting. Back strap can easily flip for forward or backward positioning and adjustable footrests will clip back if needed when not in use or can be removed. Walking stick holder included. Champagne in colour and stylish, this unit folds down to only .08 cubic metre and 9.1 kg in weight. It can even fit in a large suitcase.


Carry capacity: 125 kg

Construction: Aluminium

Seat width: 45 cm

Handle adjustable to 6 settings

Walking Stick holder included

Removable Footrests: Clip back Footrests when not in use

Flip over forward and back facing back strap

Dismantles small enough for a suitcase

Removable shopping bag

Parking and rolling brake function